Our Story

Beyond the Box Interiors

Beyond the Box Interiors is us: Barri & Lanna (and our amazing team). Our journey began long ago in design school which quickly grew into a long-lasting friendship and an exchange of ideas that eventually blossomed into Beyond the Box Interiors. We both love art, music, our beloved pets, and all things design but most of all we want you to love your home. We are here to help you not only achieve that goal but also help you uncover design solutions that you never thought possible.

With our combined experience, Beyond the Box Interiors brings a wealth of design knowledge and industry relationships to your home. Our goal is to make the design process enjoyable and exciting from the initial concept through installation. We give careful thought and care to each project as we bring your vision to life.

A Little Bit About You

Our clients range from those who simply need help fine-tuning their space to those who need assistance transforming their entire home and all of those in between. We are able to serve clients in the Washington DC & Baltimore metro areas as we have offices in Frederick, MD and Alexandria, VA. We are also happy to assist clients across the nation with our e-design services.

Beyond the Box Interiors + You

Our priority is to deliver a design that you enjoy and truly love. We are able to achieve that goal with our collaborative design process that combines your needs and aesthetic with our design knowledge and creativity. Our process ensures that your space will be functional, comfortable, and beautiful. We are dedicated to our clients and strive to deliver designs that are “Beyond the Box”. We invite you to take a design journey with us and see what transpires!

Our Design Services