Meet Lanna

With a background in science and interior design, Lanna brings a unique perspective to every design as she is able to combine both technical and aesthetic aspects into each project. Her goal is to create purposeful and functional spaces that are also inspiring. She has an eye for design and a passion for bringing her clients’ vision to life. She truly believes that a thoughtful design can be aesthetically pleasing as well as improve a homeowners’ well-being and create emotional connections. Kitchen and bath remodeling is her forte but she also enjoys the many other aspects of design including styling, photography, and furniture design.

Getting to Know Her

Favorite ice cream flavor?  Anything with fruit. Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry…yumm-o!

Beach or city travel? I love both. At the beach, I love listening to the waves and I am also a certified scuba diver. I also love exploring new cities in the US and abroad.

Three words that you describe you: Creative, detail-oriented, and caring

Where can you be found on the weekends? Walking my pup around downtown Frederick, playing escape rooms, exploring DC, reading, geocaching, or lounging on my sofa.

What would be your personal motto? Chase your dreams!

Coffee or tea? Tea. Specifically, chai latte.

If I were a superhero, my superpower would be: Invisibility

If you were a pasta shape, what shape would you be and why? Cavatappi, they are just so fun! Seriously though, all pasta shapes are welcome in my world!

What’s the most inspiring part of your job? Seeing a project come full circle and clients LOVING their new space.

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