November 22, 2019

Holiday Decorating With Style

The holidays are among us and while some of you may have your decorating plan all squared away there are others who may need a little inspiration. Check out our tips on how to incorporate holiday decor into your home and celebrate with style!

Classic with a Twist

Gold and silver ornaments will never go out of style. Why would they? They work with everything! You can mix in other colors for a red & gold or silver & blue themed holiday season. Although, we suggest switching up the classic metallics a bit by adding in rose gold, bringing in texture or a new pattern to give your decor some added interest. The possibilities are endless…holiday decor

Wreath it Special

Entry doors during the holiday season can give guests a sneak peek as to the theme of your holiday decor that is awaiting them on the inside. While wreaths are the most common decor item placed on doors, they do not have to be the typical green with holly and bows by any means! You can go subtly chic with gilded faux magnolia, complete the “my kid did it” look in a classy way with a pompom wreath, or an untraditional peacock-inspired look. Whichever route you choose, it should be special and fabulous as it sets the tone for all of your holiday decor!

The Skirt Must Fit!

Proportions are the cornerstone of good design. Your tree skirt should completely cover your tree stand yet not trip someone as they walk by. What does that mean exactly and how do you determine what is the best size? Measure the width of your tree stand as well as your tree (or look on the box for the diameter). Your tree skirt should be larger than the stand but smaller than the outer branches of your tree. A good rule of thumb is to use a 56” tree skirt for trees that are 9’ and taller, 48” skirts for 7.5’ trees, and 42”- 48” skirts for trees that are 4.5’ to 6.5’ in height. Don’t forget the style of your skirt should coordinate with the rest of your holiday decor.tree skirts

Outside the Box

In the past few years, we have seen upside-down trees and even those made from dress forms that look like skirts. While these used to be “outside the box”, they are starting to become more and more popular so this year if you really want to be different try decorating with an uber-modern tree. Not all trees need branches and this would look super cool especially if you have a modern home or want to class it up a bit!

Quirky Color

The holidays are typically filled with red and green decor on everything imaginable from trees and wreaths to table settings and pillows but who says Christmas can only be green and red? And who says a tree even HAS to be green in order to spread holiday cheer? Try out a quirky Christmas tree in pink or lavender or throw back to the 70’s with a silver tinsel tree! How fun are these?!


Mix High & Low

As with your interior décor, a mix of high and low priced ornaments and decorations make for a complete and lusher holiday setting. Splurge on a lovely antique tree topper or use a simple yet elegant (and more cost-effective) ribbon bow. Break the bank on a sentimental hand blown glass ornament that celebrates the birth of a new baby while using less expensive bulk purchased ornaments and ribbon as your base.

Layers for Days

The trick to amazing decor whether it is holiday-themed or your everyday styling is to decorate with layers. For example, a simple unimpressive string of garland can be amped up with a layer of holly, ornaments, and ribbon. Or your dining table can go from drab to impressive with placemats, name cardholders, and a centerpiece that has varying heights and textures. Whichever area of your home that you are decorating, be sure to incorporate a base layer, a middle layer, and then finishing touches in order to deck the halls this holiday season.

Sentimental is Stylish

Holiday decor does not have to be “please do not touch that” or all about the best looking tree in the neighborhood. Having your kiddos join in on the holiday decorating fun is part of the joy the season brings. So go ahead, let them decorate the tree even if that means part of the tree is bare (or you can always fill in the missing areas later). One note is to make sure the ornaments are the non-shattering kind to prevent the inevitable mess that can occur with dropping glass ornaments. However, if you must have a show stopper of a tree in your main living area, then you can always have a second tree in another area of your home that is dedicated to the family heirloom, sentimental, and kiddo ornaments. There are plenty of kid-friendly ornaments that are on trend right now such as bottle brush, felt, and fun color palettes.

Finish the Look

The theme you have selected for your tree should inform the rest of your décor. Whether that is rustic elegance with pine cones and burlap or glitzy glam with silver ornaments and blue ribbon, pull the theme into your tablescapes, interior décor, and holiday linens. The finishing touch is when you feel like it’s “almost too much” but not over the top. Live just on the edge of chic Santa’s workshop without going full-on Mrs. Claus has lost her mind!table setting

Pro Tips

Tip #1: Tired of the same holiday decor year after year in your home? A simple solution is to mix up the ornaments by switching out sets every year. This is easy to do by purchasing multi-colored ornament sets and use one color this year and the other color next year then rotate them annually. Just make sure that they coordinate with the rest of your decor so you don’t have to purchase everything new.

Tip #2: Make a choice — everything real or faux? Your decor will blend much better if you stick to one or the other for your tree, wreath, and garland. Still debating on which is better for the environment? There are pluses and minuses to both.

Tip #3: Purchase after the holidays (for next year). Retailers have been sitting on their holiday inventory since August and they want it OUT of their warehouses. You will be able to get holiday décor deeply discounted at large box retailers and small shops alike so start planning now for next year’s holiday cheer!

And (as always) Happy Designing!

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