November 18, 2018

Setting The Stage: How Home Staging Can Help Sell Your Home

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is preparing a property for sale in the real estate marketplace with the intended goal of appealing to the highest number of potential buyers. You want to transform your home into a welcoming space where buyers can see themselves living.

Why Home Staging?

Staging your home can give you an edge above the other homes on the market that are in your neighborhood. It can decrease the time your home is on the market as well as increase the selling price. As potential buyers walk through your well staged home, they will begin to feel a connection and will make an offer sooner rather than later so they don’t lose out on what could be their new home.home staging

Home Staging Tips of the Trade

Tip #1: First impressions are everything. Your home should be inviting even before someone steps through the front door. Be sure your home’s exterior (including landscaping) is tidy & attractive.

Tip #2: Stage with a purpose. Focus your efforts on the most used areas of your home (e.g. Entry, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen & Master Suite) as these are the areas that people spend most of their time.

Tip #3: Do the work for the home buyer. Stage any awkward spaces in your home so potential buyers can envision it as useful & meaningful. This might be a nook under the staircase or an awkward corner that can be transformed into a reading or homework area.

Tip #4: Make your home stand out. Highlight unique features that your neighbor might not have in their home (e.g. fireplaces, trim work & tall ceilings).

Tip #5: Hire a professional. When in doubt, hire someone that knows the ins & outs of home staging so you don’t have to take on the burden.home staging 20171

Do’s & Don’ts of Home Staging

home staging 21701

home staging 21701

Ultimate Goal

Staging is more than just making your home look nice. It is enticing potential home buyers to choose your property over someone else’s. The bottom line is that you want to sell your home as fast as possible for top dollar. In order to achieve just that, you need to think of home staging as an investment–one that pays off if done correctly.

And (as always) Happy Designing!

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