September 16, 2019

Money-Saving Tips To Design Your Home On A Budget

In order to have the home of your dreams you do not have to break the bank, you simply must “game plan” your priorities.  We have brainstormed some guidelines to help maximize your budget without sacrificing style. Happy Designing!

Go High

The general rule of thumb is to spend the most on the largest pieces of furniture in the room. Think sofas, dining tables and the like. We believe it’s also a great idea to splurge on what you intend to actually use the most: be that a sofa if you entertain a lot or a beautiful desk paired with a top of the line ergonomic chair if you primarily work from home. Your priorities may differ from your neighbor so think about how YOU live rather than the rest of the world. At the end of the day, basing the rest of your design around the highest quality furniture pieces in the room makes everything else look just as rich, by proximity!   Interior Design Couch

Do Your Best

The high ticket items may be a significant portion of your budget but they will save you money in the long run. Poor quality sofas often sag in the seat and have frames that can easily crack or rot creating a breeding ground for insects. Yep. Insects. You can never go wrong with taking a little more time to save for a quality sofa, bed or entertainment/shelving system. These items generally get the most wear and tear so you don’t want to have to keep replacing them year after year so do your best for what makes sense for you and your budget.

Let’s talk leather for a second. Cheap leather does NOT age well. It cracks, fades, and is terrible for the environment to boot. So, do your homework when that leather sofa seems ‘just too good to pass-up’ and you may thank us later!

Lighting as Art

Thankfully, we live in a wonderful time where statement lighting is available at numerous price points. If you are just not in the market for a $1500+ chandelier but just have to have the look, perhaps a very similar $500 option works better for your budget. Beautiful ceiling lighting can change the tone of a room in an instant. Spend a bit less on task and floor lamps that complement and not compete with your piece de resistance for a completed “look”!Lighting

Be a (Kind of) Tightwad

If you are watching your budget, accessories do not need to break the bank. “Well made” ( i.e. tight seams, quality zipper, colorfast) pillow covers can be expensive but if you shop seasonal sales you can amass quite a collection to change out seasonally. And don’t forget the pillow inserts! Investing in higher quality pillow inserts won’t break the bank but they will retain their shape over the years. Other accessories in your room can also be purchased with the same thought process. Spend more where it makes sense and if you just HAVE to have an item that is out of your budget you can cross your fingers that it will still be there come sale time.

Bonus tip: If you are a crafter, use fabric scraps to create these adorable pillows!

Go Low & Don’t Fear the “Flea”

Many of our favorite timeless finds were purchased at flea markets. Art that we had to have, antique (or just old) furniture, and unique finds. Flea markets are worth the effort. Just keep expectations low and bring haggling cash! Worst-case scenario is that you enjoyed a day out and about while exploring your community but hopefully you are able to snag a piece that you never would have found elsewhere. Unique finds are what make a home “yours”.flea market

Be in the “Know”

Certain items have annual sales that you know happen every year. You can pay less and not skimp on quality but you need to be in the know of when these events occur. Linens, for instance, are always on sale in January. Grab your favorite high-end sheets and towels at a great price while creating instant luxury at the same time!

And (as always) Happy Designing!

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