May 17, 2019

Stylish Home: Spring Dining Edition

spring dining

Spring is in the air! The birds are chirping and the sun is shining but is your dining table bare? There is a simple way to fix that using items you may already have combined with new decor pieces to bring stylish spring vibes to your dining room at a minimal cost. Using a total of six items, you can present your table settings in numerous ways!

Step One

Start by placing a standard white dinner plate or charger that you may already have in your everyday dishware collection on top of a seasonally appropriate placemat. This will be the base for all of the table settings.stylish home

Step Two

Place a decorative napkin that has a cheerful spring color and/or pattern on top of the plate. Whether you choose bright yellow tulips, songbirds or cute bunny rabbits, you cannot go wrong!dining table setting

Step Three (First Completed Table Setting)

The first table setting is completed by simply adding a smaller decorative plate atop of the napkin. For a cohesive table setting, the smaller plate should coordinate in color or pattern with the napkin you choose. How cute is this?! And you only added two items to each of your standard table settings!entertaining

Step Three (Version 2)

If you would like a more decorative table setting, start by placing a standard white salad plate on top of the decorative napkin. Again, you may already have this item in your dishware collection so no need to buy something new!dining table setting

Step Four (Second Completed Table Setting)

The second table setting is completed by adding a decorative item atop the salad plate. If you choose something that has depth and dimension, it will definitely add a “spring statement” to your dining table!table setting

Combined Look (Third Completed Table Setting)

A third look can be achieved by combining the items from both table settings. Now you have three complete table setting options using three items you may already have and three you may have to purchase. Like more than one look? Try swapping them out during the season for a continued refresh. Minimal cost with several options is an excellent way to bring stylish spring vibes to your dining room!stylish home

Pro Tips: Additional Ideas

And (as always) Happy Designing!

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